Expat women driving is Saudi arabia

Not now
yes immediately
For the first time in decades, women will be allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia,
Women are no longer passengers they are gearing up throughout the Kingdom of Saudi arabia
Waiting for the 10th of shawwal to get their driver's license.

Some women started driving learning courses in their compounds to teach other women how to drive, Other women are touring car showrooms spending time on simulators to get a feel for the experience they expect to have when the Kingdom opens the way for them to take the wheel.

Some new traffic signs are already addressing both men and women drivers.

On the other hand, the General Administration of Traffic in Saudi Arabia are inviting
both Saudis and residents to replace their driver's license issued from their own countries with a Saudi driver's license.

As for expat women, it is rather a necessity to drive for they are facing difficulties depending on a male member of the family
to run errands or jumping from one Uber to another to deliver kids or pick them up.

However, when it comes to reality Are expat women ready to drive in Saudi Arabia?

Recently, I had a discussion with a group of friends on whether they are going to drive or not.

Most of them agreed that they would need to wait for a couple of months or a year to drive or even get a driver's license.
Some women were worried of the change wondering is the society ready for it? Will it be some resistance in first?
Others were really excited to hit the road and join the first batch of drivers.

Finally all agreed that it is a great first step forward.

So are you ready to drive ?