Information Technology jobs in Saudi Arabia

“Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030" is a requiring methodology for the kingdom to be leading in all fields, Moving away from its reliance on oil only
Information Technology industry is currently prospering and digital business projects are in growth, leading to a large demand of computer engineers.
You will need to have a master's degree in technology/engineering, You are expected to have an average salary of 4000$ - 9000$

Medicine jobs in Saudi Arabia

needless to say that It will require a medical degree to work in the medicine field,
Saudi Arabia has a lot of hospitals and medical centers opening monthly with many branches all over the country.
Most if not all hospitals and medical centers will require from 4 to 5 years of experience and further postgraduate and degrees will be a plus.
average salary of a general doctor and specialist is 10000$-25000$

Consultancy jobs in Saudi Arabia

The national transformation program according to 2030 vision is having a profound impact on Saudi Arabian economy, society and future sustainability
ministries, institutions, and government entities are in demand for consultancy companies and consultants for restructuring the processes to align
with the vision of 2030.

Construction jobs in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian companies are often hiring construction engineers and project managers, with its fast growing construction industry
New buildings and developmental projects launching frequently, this role is becoming an essential to Saudi Arabia’s growing economy.
Most companies require approximately 4-5 years of experience. Experience in the oil and gas industry will benefit you greatly in your job search.


Home to 25% of the world’s oil,The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is leading an expansion of the petrochemical industry in gulf area
Petrochemicals engineers,coordinators and specialists are in demand
Offering the opportunity to earn more than $160,000 per year.
You will need to have an experience of 10 years minimum and a construction, Oil and gas background will be of a huge benefit.


There are 3 main service providers in Saudi Arabia expanding their network and services all over Saudi Arabian cities.
And with telecommunications expansion and development in Saudi Arabia, Communications engineers and development managers
are in constant request.