Are you fed up searching for new outings in Eid Al-fitr ? Tired of restaurants and cafes ? You need a good plan for your long Eid Al-fitr holiday

Here is a list of places and ideas to enjoy your holiday in Saudi arabia

What is Eid Al-fitr ? and why it it important ?

Eid Al-fitr Marks the end of Ramadan and fasting for Muslims and beginning of shawwal,
Where Muslims gather to attend communal prayer of Eid early in the morning.
It's a celebration of the end of fasting also known as "The lesser Eid".

Where to go during Eid Al-fitr holiday in Saudi Arabia ?

Obhour Beach in Jeddah

If you are a big fan of sea life and you like summer nights by the beach
We recommend you Obhour it is is a long inlet of the Red Sea in the north of Jeddah
You can either rent a chalet or have a walk on the coastal seaside and spend the day.
It has houses, Compounds, Chalets, Hotels and villas, Where the have their own private beaches.
The adventurous can have some water sports fun a boat trip or just sun bathe by the sea.


Half Moon bay beach in Eastern province

Half moon beach has several resorts and hotels even public beaches
where you can enjoy swimming, horse riding, water sports and cycling
It consists of several famous beaches like Dana beach, Aramco beach ( for Aramco workers only ), King Fahad university of minerals and petroleum ( for students only ) and
Azizia beach.

Go out with your friends and/or family​ to Thumamah
sand dunes

Located in Riyadh, Thumamah is full with family fun,it has something for everyone
You can go quad biking There are rentals on site for 50 SAR per mins.
cliff climbing, Camping and picnics where you can park inside the desert camping sites, You can rent a traditional Saudi tent and enjoy your camping time in air conditioned space.
Bounce tents for the kids, It is an inflatable castles for kids to bounce on.
Camel and horse riding or dune bashing and sand boarding, all these fun activities can give you a positive boost.

Participate in the King Abdulaziz Historical Center celebrations.

Every year a wide celebrations is held in the area spreading around the Historical Center buildings
raditional Sword (Aardha) dances, Najdi music, songs, and poetry recital fill the warm evenings and nights in a beautifully decorated setting.
Enjoy a picnic in the National Museum Gardens watching the fountain and light show. Children will enjoy playing on the grass fields and running through the cooling fountains.

Participate in "Roznamah" Saudi Entertainment calendar Eid events

the authority of entertainment in Saudi Arabia is launching several events all over the kingdom of Saudi Arabia
To give both locals and expats festive feelings of Eid
You can visit their website search for events in your city and don't forget to check the date and time of event
you can watch fireworks in Riyadh and Eid lights in Khobar and dammam.