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You know it's summer time here in Saudi Arabia when your face turns Tomato red when you have been out for only five minutes

It's four months of staying inside and keeping away from the sun, The temperature can get as high as 45 degrees at noon. If you live in a coastal city you will suffer from humidity and if you live in non-coastal city you will experience hot sand storms and dry weather.

Summer in Saudi Arabia is different as you will notice:

1- All movement stops in the city from noon till 4 p.m and some people don't go out until after 8 p.m

2- Pools turns into a hot tub

3- You need to open the hot tap to get warm water, If you accidentally opened the cold one you will burn your hands by boiling hot tap water

4- When your mobile phone overheats and tells you it needs to cool down first.

5- Say goodbye to cold showers you need to wake up at 4 a.m if you need a cold shower

6- Outside temperature doesn't drop more than 39 degrees even at night

7- All outdoor activities are not there anymore, You can't go to a park or take a walk on the corniche

8- All outings should be visiting the mall or dine at a restaurant.

9- You feel the need of having a cold drink more often

10- The wind feels like someone is blasting a hair dryer into your face

11- The second you step out heading to your car feels like going inside an oven

12- If you parked in the sun, You will melt inside your car till the Air conditioner starts working to cool down the car.

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