1) Iftar buffet
What distinguish Ramadan from any other month that all Muslims gather around to break their fast at sunset or maghrib prayer group of friends and families sharing food and love, you will never find someone eating alone in a restaurant during this month.-
Most hotels and restaurants make iftar offers and open buffets from appetizers, main courses, desserts and drinks, Enjoy ramdan's decoration and atmosphere with your family and friends.
Muslims iftar usually starts with dates, soup and sambusa.
If you are in Saudi Arabia you have to attend one of iftar delicious buffets and indulge yourself with savory of delicious food and great ambiance

2) suhur buffet
Suhur is also a main meal during Ramadan but it's usually before sunrise or fajr prayer
It's less fancy than iftar but not less delicious
Suhur commonly consists of yogurt, eggs, beans and sambusa as well.
Muslims have suhur to maintain their energy during day of Ramadan.
It is also a great way to spend a nice evening with family and friends.
Some hotels have suhur programs and shows to entertain the eaters.

3) Attend a Ramadan festival
General Authority for Entertainment has prepared an entertainment calendar to enjoy ramadan festive atmosphere for the whole family
They have various activities from social, cultural to religious events.
In all Saudi Arabian cities
You can find all upcoming and current events all over the kingdom through this website: https://roznamah.sa/en/

4) Ramadan sweets
Treat yourself with Ramadan's exquisite sweet dishes like: melt-in-mouth Kunafa, Basbousa and delectable Qatayef, tastes that you will remember forever
There's a lot of shops specialized in traditional Arabian desserts all over the kingdom of Saudi Arabia so don't forget to pay them a visit and make unforgettable memories.