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Entertainment :

Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia and known to be twice the size of any other city in Saudi Arabia.

Living in Riyadh guarantees that you will get to try it first; most businesses and brands choose to start their first branches in Riyadh as we said it is the capital.
Riyadh is known for its huge fancy malls, restaurants and even people You will find yourself amazed by the number of restaurants, malls and coffee shops opening daily.

However, it is more conservative than other cities like Jeddah and eastern province; it is the capital of traditionalism and power
Being not coastal city makes Riyadh's entertainment very limited to restaurants and malls, you cannot take a stroll on the seaside or have a barbecue in the open as the weather is extremely cold in the winter and very hot in summer with constant sand storms hitting the city.

Financial and money wise:

The employment opportunities is better in Riyadh you are most likely to find high-level positions that will pay much more of course.
The average salary is higher in Riyadh but also that comes hand in hand with the high tuition fees of schools and universities in Riyadh if you are a family.


The weather in Riyadh is so dry it is in the middle of the dessert so the winter is really cold and rainy and the temperature can drop to 0 degrees at night it can rain for days.
In summer, it is so hot and dry with lots of sand storms and dust.
To be fair most of Saudi Arabian cities has sand storms but it is more frequent in Riyadh almost every week.


Living in Riyadh will allow you to immerse with many nationalities as it has various combination of people and so many nationalities living there
You will always find what you are looking for from your hometown
Food to imported goods.