According to our latest survey that was conducted on expats asking them Which Saudi Arabian city do you prefer to live in ?

We were surprised by the answers as Jeddah came on the first choice of expats by 50%
Jeddah is a coastal city overlooking the red sea, It's less strict than any other city, so If you like chilling by the sea watching sunsets or
spending luxury time in cafes and restaurants having a hookah
then jeddah is absolutely the right place for you.

Coming in the second place is Khobar by 30% which is also a coastal city Overlooking the Arabian gulf in the eastern province and only half an hour from Bahrain.
Where you can go for a nice movie or partying at night.
Eastern province is known to be a home to most of the oil production of Saudi Arabia.
It has a giant beautiful sea front, which stretches from Al Khobar to Jubail.

Surprisingly the capital of Riyadh is the least favorite for expats, Coming in third place with 15% only maybe because it's more strict than coastal cities.

Tabuk and Mecca was 5%, Tabuk is the northern gate of Saudi Arabia and on the Jordan-Saudi borders
is the heart of Saudi Arabia with millions of pilgrims visiting the holy mosque annually.